Not so Smart: Badmaash Company

Plotline : 1994 A.D. Three middleclass boys (to be Bachelor degree holders) and an aspiring model get together with a Sindhi seth to go to Bangkok for their first “abroad” trip when boarding an aero plane was a dream. In the process they help him to shop and get the material to his customs shop. A dad of the topper in the group gets a heart attack and he gets crazy about the life style his dad was into and decides to choose another path and get rich quick. An idea comes to him while the trio again visits the shop of the seth and they hatch a plan for a business after the model sees her dream crash (& gets into love with the topper). The way they get into is never ending as the craze for making it big never ends and here tensions arise as ego’s clash.

The group breaks and the leader ( as per himself – oh the topper) gets jailed as he himself is left to face the cops. Well everything get into place after he accepts the wrongdoings and the group throws the money they earned into his face – just to show that they were equally responsible – but he never gave them equal weight(& footage)!

Well everything goes well from here on after the hero gets to know the right path!

The plot fails after the trio attempts the same trick again and again (in India and in US) and when Imandaari weighs more than Beimani. Instead of the thought that Oceans films do – Honesty in every field of interest. The system is depicted to be failed just once or twice and they get away with it many a times without intervention – how untrue!

Direction/ Story :- Parmeet Sethi comes into YRF again, this time debuting as a director. The story was good, let down by its pace! An hour less would have made no difference.

Acting : Shahid tries to pull his role with his might, but it’s just as fashionable as other YRF movies. In a case he competes with Emraan Hashmi with the many scenes he is with Anushka Sharma (She also has less to act than to be together with Shahid and act as Mallika Sherawat). Vir Das and Meiyang Chang suit their roles in the group.

Music : Bored. Except Ayashi else everything is forgotten after you come out of the theatres.

Well the thought of Yash Raj into Con films did make me thought about a remake of all the Oceans (11,12,13) clubbed together into one film. The result would have been much better. In the end what you get is just a time pass film which u forget as soon as you move out of the theatre.


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