Bajaj : Hamara no more.

This refers to my interaction with the Bajaj Auto Finance people on Saturday. After repeatedly calling their Showrooms and Auto Finance loan offices (3 different locations – Akurdi, Vimannagar and Wakdewadi) and emailing twice – I am yet to get a resolution of the query.


· Decision to buy a Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi from their Sai Service showroom.

· The loan is approved after submitting the required documents and I get the bike @ Gudhi padwa.

· The first EMI is never deposited.

· Uncle gets repeated SMS’es and the Sales guy doesn’t answer after repeatedly calling for 10+ times as the EMI date passes away.

· The reason I get is the First EMI may be (can be) delayed by a month! (WTH! An illogical explanation)

· I go the Bajaj Showroom after office hours only to find that the sales guy who got the bike for me is missing and the Loan department closes @ 7 pm sharp. The accounts guy doesn’t help either – says isn’t my responsibility – call on showroom numbers.

· After finally 20 days of passing the EMI date Bajaj Finance guys again call up @ Uncle’s cell phone on a Friday afternoon to ask him to convey to me – for payment of the EMI on Saturday itself. Well I need to take a leave to get the explanation of the whole issue.

On Saturday morning – I call up the toll free number – only to find that Aircel doesn’t approve this as a valid number. And I don’t try the number with Airtel – assuming the same happens (which wasn’t the case), so decide to land up @ their office without any more calls. The guys at the other end having MS Outlook still cannot appear to understand to “reply” the queries! After emailing twice I just have got their Complaint ref# numbers!!

@ BAFL office Wakdewadi: This time only the accounts guy is there @ place on their Wakdewadi showroom. The Manager is on a leave and the sub-ordinate of this Manager has gone somewhere. After a long wait of 3 hours – I get the answer to submit the Bank Statement of previous month till date – so that they can check that the account had deposits > EMI for the transaction to be passed.

The second answer was that the Account name is different than that filled in the form (in BAFL system). Well the form was filled by the Showroom loan agent and approved by ICICI. I just signed in front of ICICI officials to allow Bajaj Auto Finance people to pass the EMIs through ECS. The same entry does not appear in the Bank statement.

After knowing that the Manager sub-ordinate won’t be available at a known time I decide to leave by paying the EMI in cash.

Well, the points that arose in the mind were as follows.

· Should we leave trusting the Indian Brands (automotive) : as the products are still competing with the International brands (Honda, Suzuki – 2 wheelers) and why take pride in buying them while getting quality products by paying high (a small difference / % of total value)?

· Should Service after Sales be taken into consideration : My answer is undoubtedly – Yes. The last to last week – I had went to Honda Service showroom and found it to be good. Well with a Bajaj employee having a Honda Activa in it. Brother had called to convey the same thoughts (before I took the decision of Pulsar)– that Bajaj is way behind in after sales service and many of his friends had no good experience with this brand. But sometimes we go by heart leaving mind aside.

The search results which made me think about this post are @

or just try searching @ Google with BAFL & complaints and the list is HUGE!


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  1. Purbi says:

    Very informative post. Pulsar 180 looks best in terms of design and styling in its segemnt. It is a true value for money bike in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

    1. shekharonline says:

      Best of Luck- Pooja. I had 3300 kms+ in the first few months and the bike is becoming more smoother with every servicing.


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