New UGC rules for deemed universities

And here we go, the UGC forms new rules and regulations for Deemed Varsities to tighten the noose on the Private education institutes. The DU’s will now be Just DEEMED (read doomed) and “to be universities” and strictly follow the norms which are followed by the the regular universities.

Meaning, reservations and all the other (%^*&) stuff. WTH! man. Why does Govt. has to poke its nose in each and everything that goes around and take them to the “red tape”. 

Distance Master’s degrees will have to also take a backseat. Damn.

Meanwhile foreign institutes are coming and the new institutes that will be formed have to undergo by the strict (how much ?) procedures. Article from IE.

The new regulations — aimed at “preventing institutions of dubious quality from being so declared and to maintain quality of higher education imparted by institutions deemed to be universities” — overturn several relaxations UGC had earlier offered to these institutes. Institutes will now be subject to review by the UGC every five years. They will be eligible for deemed varsity status only after they have been in existence for 15 years, undergone periodic reviews by recognized external accrediting agencies, offer well-established, broad-based graduate, post graduate and research programmes in several disciplines, are engaged in quality research, have full-time fully-qualified faculty, generate intellectual property and secure merit-based research funding from public and private agencies. They will not be allowed to offer distance education, and will have to follow academic sessions notified by the central government, admitting students only in that window. They will have to offer at least five post-graduate academic programmes, and each department will have to have a minimum stipulated permanent faculty.

via New UGC rules for deemed universities.


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