Giridarshan Appeal – Giridarshan to partner with SCI for most challenging Re-bolting Project

I request go through the appeal for this social activity for safety of Rock Climbers in Adventure Field. As of now GTC has managed to collect 45000/- out of the total project cost of Rs.1.5 Lac, your contribution for this activity will make Rock Climbing Safe for generations to come.


Dear Giridarshan Family,

We started our Rock Climbing with the small practices in Rock Quarries in Pune City quiet sometime back and finished our first thrilling climb on Fort Madan, about a 45 ft. climb over 1500ft. it was deadly 13 of us. With all the gears and support we did manage to reach on the top by actually climbing. When we reached the top, there was this great feeling of accomplishment, astonishment. A feeling of challenging our fears, our mindset, our limits, our strengths and overcoming the hurdles and conquering that tough climb. It was a Trans feeling later. Words will fall short to describe what an experience it was.

What it was? Shear Thrill, Madness, we would say to risk your life for a moment but developing the courage to overcome the fear, it was that intense feeling to fight with our mental block. Yes, it was madness but for something we would lovingly relish for our lifetime and tell stories to our next generation about the brevity of our fellow climbers to dare such madness.

After pondering a while, the very first question that struck our mind, who first climbed this? Who first dared to open this route for other fellow passionate Climbers? How did he do it? How much was the risk he had to take to open the route?

First Ascent of such climbs is always a challenge, it’s full of un-predictability, with the highest risk to fall and die. But it’s essential to open the route for the fellow passionate climbers such that they can also reach the top.

There are many such faces in Sahyadri’s which challenge Rock Climbers. But do all of them are safe? There are few safe faces where finest bolting has been done by the grace of some good human beings. To name a few, Dhak-bahiri, Dukes Nose, Kalakrai & Telbaila. But there are more which need re-bolting to make climbing safe.

Giridarshan is planning to partner with SCI(Safe Climbing Initiatives) to Re-Bolt one of the most difficult Pinnacle –Vanarlingi (Next to Jeevdhan fort) of about 400ft with Strongest Bolts ever which can bear 3000 kg’s of weight and can last 50 years. So our generations can dare to rock climb.

Our Giridarshan Family member Vikas kaduskar is the project leader for this activity.

The Project Cost as of now estimated is around INR 1, 56,000/-, which is huge but a MUST for Safe Climbing. We have started our efforts, we humbly Appeal to all of you to participate with us in this initiative with generous donations starting at INR 500/- min. and anything more than that. It’s completely volunteering and wishful donation. We are expected to start the project by 11th March considering summer and rainy seasons later such that the Face is open for climbers in winter season.

So, our dear family members come forward and give us the helping hand, help your fellow trekker, rock climber to climb this face safely by generously donating for this project.

This is a completely Non-Commercial, Non-Profit activity to encourage Adventurous but Safe Climbing. So , spread the word!

Note: – It the first kind of attempt that we are making. So we encourage you to get the complete information and understanding of the project from bellow contact points before you donate.

For Donations/Information/Enquiries please contact

Vikas Kaduskar: – 9881422575

Satish Marathe: – 9850520058

Warm Regards,

Team GTC


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