Weekend : Alandi, Dyaneshwar and Gokhale mala

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj
Dnyaneshwar Maharaaj

Alandi – is a place of religious importance for the warkari’s and also is very much close from Pune Central (peth areas).  Saint Dyaneshwar have taken Sanjeevan Samadhi here before 700+ years, after giving blessings to his then followers and at present the books of Dyaneshwari and the abhanga’s.

Taking darshan through a queue takes about an hour or so, and in between you can hear the chants of warkari’s or a satsang taking place @ the main hall.

Dyaneshwar Maharaaj Samadhi
Dyaneshwar Maharaaj Samadhi

The samadhi was re-discovered by Saint Eknath Maharaaj after around 300 years of Sanjeevan Samadhi. The place where he received “the vision” of finding the Samadhi has got his paduka’s (foot marks) nad is in the Main Mandir.

He showed many miracles during His avatar, which also appear yearly in the decorations during Ganesh Festival. Prominent of them are :-

  • Baking of a bhakari on  his heated back
  • His blessings to a male buffalo which recites vedas later
  • His meet with Changdev Maharaaj on a “flying wall”
  • making the Divine knowledge available to all by the translation of Sanskrit Bhagwad Geeta to Dyaneshwari (prakrut).
  • Pasaydaan – praying for the good of all

It is due to His works that He is called Mauli (mother) amongst his followers.

Saint Nivruttinath were His elder brother.

Saint Sopandeo, Saint Muktabai were His younger sibilings.

Their names mark the path of an ideology :

  • Nivrutti- retire from all worldly desires, then you have
  • Dynan – Knowledge of the Supreme, which will get you
  • Sopan – the ladder towards the top most goal of this life –
  • Mukta – Enlightment

While reading the Wiki, I got a new ref # for the translated Amrutanubhav – here.

On the way back from Alandi,  some refreshments can be taken @ Gokhale Mala – for meals with vegetables straight from the agri. fields or tea / coffee + onion bhaji @ Anandbhuvan – their cafeteria @ the roadside.

Images from V V Shirvaikar(top), Pune website (from NIC)


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