#Blogger in Draft : Here comes the competition for WordPress

Blogger comes to challenge WordPress and other blogging websites (Typepad..etc) with some COOL new designs. I have just updated another website – with the new set of designs and what an amazing look and feel it hass got!!!!!!! Completely bowled over by it.

The first I have started blogging was on Blogger – so as a first impression it was good on me, the only feature they lacked was some neat and clean design – which users were also able to take from some other websites – who designed templates and other stuff for blogger.

The new feature comes up with multi-adjustment features.

  • You can change the background scheme you want..
  • Change the color scheme
  • Apply the column based setting as per your choice
  • choose a picture which they have taken from iStock – which also are awesome
  • customize the footers as you like them
  • some other features like widgets already added to the old blogger template – already are taken in the new design – with no fuss !
  • Add pages – I was missing this one, though got it from the template designer of iNove (wordpress theme for Blogger) who had made it by taking a post as a page – which needed to be backdated
  • The default setting come back with a click – so you can change the design, look and feel as you like – or get back in sec to the original scheme – pretty cute.


  • 15 new, highly-customizable templates  from our design team, split into four families: Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, and Watermark
  • One-, two-, and three-column layouts for each template, with complete control over the size and arrangement of the columns
  • Hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace


via Blogger in Draft.


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