Data Security

Government can also add up the awareness like it did for Iodine and Garahak Jaago campaign for Data and Internet security. ICICI Bank also had run a campaign related to phishing.

Here’s what Google says about security

  1. Check for unusual access or activity in your account. Regularly review your account for unfamiliar or suspicious activity. If you have a Gmail account, you can see the last account activity recorded at the bottom of the page, including the most recent IP addresses accessing the account.
  2. Check for viruses and malware. Run a scan on your computer with trusted and up-to-date anti-virus software. If the scan detects any suspicious programs or applications, remove them immediately. Read more.
  3. Perform regular operating system and browser updates. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS, or another operating system, we recommend enabling your automatic update setting if one is available through your operating system, and updating when you get a notification. To manually check for browser updates in Internet Explorer, select the Tools tab and click Windows Update. In Firefox, just click the Help tab and select Check for Updates. Note that Google Chrome automatically updates to a newer version when one is released.
  4. Protect your password. Change your password regularly and don’t share it with others. We recommend changing passwords at least twice a year. Make sure you choose a password that contains a combination of numbers, characters, and case-sensitive letters to strengthen the security of your account. Read more.
  5. Guard against phishing. Never enter your password after following a link in an email or chat to an untrusted site. Instead, go directly to the site, such as or Don’t send your password via email or write it down. Google will never email you to ask for your password or other sensitive information.

via Keeping your data secure

Also https:// is a better option for logging in instead of http:// as per the above article which has been there as default @ login by many websites.


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