India’s Woes Reflected in Bid to Restart Old Enron Plant

We need to have more energy sources, more renewable energy. The way the scenario is going on, we are already facing energy deficit and the renewable energy sources cost very high as compared to the non-renewable energy sources such as coal. Nuclear power is a quick solution, but the supply and safety factor a major concern.

Although, the solar panels are being advertised, the cost of installation and saving money while using it will take a huge amount of time to cover up the basic cost.

Bloom energy has provided a good alternative, but being made into a “patent”ed technology and the basic investments still run high.

On the other hand, the available choice remians to “save” energy. Using CFL lamps can give a helping hand.

The govt. should provide support for the general people to start the use of renewable energy sources and fund into the research of energy saving appliances. One would encourage the use of these appliances to get the cost down, required @ the time of basic installation, other would help to reduce the consumption of overall energy.

The below scenario was also seen, while travelling @ the ghats near Satara, where the Windmills generate the electricity but it goes to the State board, while the nearby villages, surrounding the project are in complete darkness and using oil lmaps like age old days during nighttime.

The scenario in Urban areas is alsonot different during summer when the School and college Board/ Univ. exams come close and the electricity consumption skyrockets due to hot climate (Day before yesterday, Pune was @ 39degC).

Also the current types of constructions demand more lighting and air conditioning (a fashion, these days) instead of using the natural surroundings (plants, vegetation in surrounding area). I remember the rooftops built in college with a glass frame in 7-8 corners of the roof top thus eliminating the need of tubelights & bulbs.

With more opportunities, more work needs to be done on this area.

For all the progress India has made in information technology and service-sector jobs, the country is still unable to provide reliable power, water, roads and other basic infrastructure to most of its 1.2 billion people. For instance, about 40 percent of the country’s population is not connected to the electricity grid. This energy deficit is also an impediment to development.

Here in Maharashtra, India’s most industrialized state and the home of its commercial capital, Mumbai, formerly Bombay, the demand for electricity will exceed supply by about 30 percent this year, up from 4.5 percent in 1992. And if industrial companies that set up here can get electricity, they will pay more for it than elsewhere in the world, according to the Prayas Energy Group, a research organization.

India’s slow progress on power has kept some foreign companies away and has led many of them to largely shun the electricity business, in particular. The failure of the Enron plant in 2001, then known as Dabhol Power, was a turning point.

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