Girnar ropeway project


Lord Dattatreya


The technology meets the religious heritage sites in India. The news was @ IE from day before yesterday’s Print edition. The Dattatreya paduka (footsteps imprinted or evovled @ a surface) are the main attraction for the followers of Datta Maharaaj. The Girnaar range is also a home of Asiatic lions, which has caused concerns for the environmentalists to rise against this project.

The yatra consists of getting to the bottom of the hill @ a night, starting to climb the hills in the range – 3 stages ( Devimata mandir, Gorakshnaath Mandir & Lord Dattatreya mandir @ the end). The whole trip one has to go about 3500 steps climbing up, then again down and then again up! This is about 10,000 + steps to be climbed both to and fro to reach the top and get back @ the base – in 1 day! People generally start @ the dawn and try to come back after having the prasad @ the top which is served by the sadhus’ .

Update : The Sadhus took the protests to the streets for the delay  have also joined against this development project….Details here.

The plus points :-

  • Followers of any age can have the darshan now @ the hilltop
  • The time required will be reduced
  • The number of visitors will increase

The negatives :-

  • Followers always are willing to do the yatra on their own (travelling by feet) , the ones who cannot take the help of a person in a doli (a carriage in which the individual sits – carried by two people).
  • The peace of the area will be disturbed due to more human intervention
  • The Gir forest is home to Asiatic lions, who will also be disturbed due to the changed scenario. (see update below)
  • Plastic and many other materails thrown away after the trip – from the visitors can change the natural surroundings.

Update 2 @ The protests from environmentalists were not for lions but for Vulture’s (report : here @ Girnar ropeway could harm vulture conservation)

The news from the IE :-

Junagadh BJP legislator Mahendra Mashru has prepared a memorandum bearing one lakh signatures as support for the early commencement of the ambitious ropeway project on Girnar Mountain. “A book carrying signatures of one lakh people has been prepared after the successful signature drive carried out in city centre during last week. We will submit the memorandum to the Prime Minister and ask for the implementation of the ropeway project,” said Mashru. He said the memorandum will be sent to New Delhi through the proper channel. On the completion of the drive, the book carrying one lakh signatures was put up for public notice and a function was organised at the Red Cross hall in the city centre on Saturday. Some youths present at the function had even sprinkled drops of blood on the book wrapper, according to sources.

via Memorandum supports early start of Girnar ropeway project.

Image of Lord Dattatreya from Wikipedia, drawn by Raja Ravivarma


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