Network providers tie up with handset makers

Telecom sector is gearing up for more revenues by tie ups with mobile handset manufacturers after iPhone arrived here. Previously the brand ambassadors played the role of adjoining a cellular network provider to join hands with a mobile manufacturer – remember the SRK Aircel tries to capture the already super hot telecom market with a handset maker – trying to get into the – mobile phone segment – in addition to its Telecom Network provider service. In addition to this they have already added a mobile phone – err – just an email device to their weaponry – called Peek.

Aircel on Tuesday tied up with British phone manufacturer INQ Mobile to introduce first-of-its-kind ‘dynamic social handsets that help users stay connected on popular social networking sites. The mobile operator will also be participating in 3G and WiMAX spectrum auctions.3G-ready

The two dynamic social handsets, INQ CHAT 3G and INQ MINI 3G, which will be available in 55 cities and sold from Aircel retail outlets, have been priced at Rs.7,599 and Rs.5,399, respectively. “These multimedia phones are 3G-ready that will deliver superb value-added service VAS experience,” Aircel COO Gurdeep Singh told journalists here.“We at Aircel have consciously focussed on VAS which is the future of telephony to be able to provide our consumers a rich and valuable experience and introduce to them a world of possibilities on their mobile. We are completely in sync with INQs philosophy and devices which are built with the Internet at the core for a new generation with a different attitude to communication. That means a never before, rich and authentic Facebook, Twitter and email experience along with Aircel innovations,” he added.AdvantageAccording to INQ Mobile Chief Executive and Founder Frank Meehan, “these attractively priced phones will soon become popular with Indian youths who want to remain constantly in touch

via The Hindu : Business / Companies : Aircel ties up with British handset maker.

Peek can be used for emails @ a good price. As per the friends from telecom field, we already have bandwidth issues to cope up with – to handle the number of users in a network area. The problem would increase if more and more users get into multimedia and other feature rich handsets.

Details of PEEK can be found here

Multiple accounts can be set up (@gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail, etc etc) and this device can also be confirgured for Outlook Exchange server.

Below are the plan details from the website (@Delhi) :-

The new Aircel Peek can be yours at an irresistible price of Rs 3999. To get Peek, visit your nearest Aircel store. Send & receive unlimited email for a low monthly rate on a prepaid or a postpaid plan.

Prepaid plans
On prepaid offers, get unlimited email service for Rs. 897 for 90 days. After the initial 90 days, subscriber can recharge with Rs. 89 for 7 days validity or with Rs. 299 for 30 days validity.

Postpaid plans
On postpaid, pay Rs. 897 for three months of unlimited email service, after three months rental of Rs. 299 per month will be charged.

 Update : – whilst travelling along Tilak Rd., Saw an advertisement of 25k+ Rs. phones now available on loan basis. LG and Samsung hansets (mostly touchscreens) were on the lead @ the display.
Levis Jeans store @ JM road also had done scuh kinda thing last Diwali – buy 3+ Jeans on EMI!

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