Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i – Definitely Male!

Got a new Pulsar 180 DTSi @ the good muhurta (occassion) of Gudhi Paadwa (New Lunar Year)! 

The bike is extremely enjoyable and the auto expert reviews I have read make it more interesting for me to drive it.

about 100+ kms drive in a single day – the first 50 went absolutely unnoticed!

With 180 cc engine, Tubeless tyres, good Drum & Disc brake combi and stylish looks, what can you demand more of a bike?

This event was followed after the return of the “Bajaj Chetak” scooter which I used for last 3 years which was abt 22+ yrs old. The engine still was  makkhan as per my Scooter expert  @ Nagnath paar – who coincidentally also knows my first boss! He suggested to have it for more 3-4 years and will function better than Honda Eterno with the same age old (gold) engine. I haven’t  shown him the new bike yet – he’ll definitely curse me as a friend did as the scooter still started @ a half kick (which is highly unbeliveable). The friend was planning a three/four wheeler with the same engine – came to know just yesterday.

Haven’t clicked any photos yet, the color i got was Cherry Red – slightly different than the one inserted in the post.

This bike follows the line : Definitely male! Highly impressed!


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  1. I liked the way they launched the ad campaign.. since HH Passion was titled “Born in a studio, not in a factory”, Pulsar was branded “Born in a Gym, not in a studio…”

    1. shekharonline says:

      HH and Bajaj like to compete with each other so as to push other brands out of (ad) competition. Honda Activa has a good sale here, but I haven’t yet seen an ad of their’s in the print media 🙂 … Interesting.

      Suzuki has just launched their bikes – and promoting their GS150 R against HH CBZ extreme (also in daiily picture due to IPL); Bajaj Pulsar ; Honda Unicorn. Yamaha is also taking a share while launching new bikes in this segment.

      LML had launched their 150cc bikes, unsure of where they are now.

      A new update is that of Harley Davidson which comes to Pune @ April 1.

    2. Since Pulsar (and its campaign) was launched about fifteen months later, I always thought it an acknowledgement of how effective that particular Passion campaign had been. It’s a tribute to how influential or catchy the Passion campaign had proven to be. The management attributed the runaway success largely to the ad campaign. It’s nice to take a moment or two after over a decade to recall this milestone in my advertising career – I wrote that line, created that campaign, and scripted the TVC around that very line. The “tunnel” or the camera barrel is like the “birth canal” if you will 🙂 Thanks for remembering it, and reminding me about it !

  2. Harman says:

    Very good post. Pulsar 180 has got decent looks with neat finish and great pick up. Sharing my personal experience – Most of the time i find people giving a definite glare at my bike.

    1. shekharonline says:

      The new “cherry” red is a hot favourite these days – I did get one luckily as the “wine” (somewhat dark red” version bikes were sold out. And yes, it is definitely attractive 😉


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