Munich, Minority Report and The Flight of Pheonix

Three movies seen last weekend.

Munich : Based on Real events @ the Munich Olympics in 1979. This movie shows the concept of eye for an eye and (ill) effects of the policy. The events were horrible and left the world shaken by the way they happened in the olympics.

The film reminds me of the 26/11 instance and the way it has affected our lives. Governing plays a big role in the matters related to the state and there lies the difference of treatment which has been given to the Offence makers.

The militants who participated in the Munich killing were later traced on and had to pay for their “doing”. Whilst those involved in the 26/11 act are still enjoying their freedom. The only “international” activist captured alive will enjoy the stay @ premium places till he gets his due according to the lengthy procedure. This can be compared with the case of the Head of Nation who was captured alive from a hiding place – then taken to court & later hanged in a month’s time. We need some urgent reforms to deal with such scenario’s!

 Munich was missed out as it lasted for a few weeks & that too @ multiplexes in India. A classic from Spielberg. Good acts from Eric Bana. Daniel Craig has been said to be selected for the Bond series after acting from this one.

It ends on the same note as Body of Lies, you cannot be guaranteed of safety anywhere & there is no place as a “home” in your “nation”.

Minority Report :- Classic thriller. Liked the acting of Tom Cruise. A film much ahead of its time. The technical things were quite ahead of their time.

The flight of the Pheonix : – An inspiring movie abt the crash landing of a flight in the desert, where the pilot & the passengers, re-design the plane and go for survival against the fear death.


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