New Lunar year, Zenda and regional politics

Just saw Zenda -the movie which depicts similarity of events which have occured for the previous year or two in the lift of the Thackeray’s, and affected the state of Maharashtra and life of an individual – be s/he in the state, city of Mumbai or the country.

I am in puzzle over the fact that this is the Maharashtra of Saint Namdeo, Saint Eknaath, Saint Ramdas and Saint Dnyaneshwar – who have all tried to preach their message all over India, less I say, the World in actual.

The movie depicts the fate of two brothers – in twist due to the future leadership of a party – which goes to the son the chief, instead of a well deserving nephew. He forms another party – and they fight for the same issue leaving the party workers confused on which side to go ?

The main aim of politics was to do good for the benefit of the people, whereas people are now viewing it as a source of income – or say – business. The main issue involved naturally becomes Marathi and the sons of the soil.

Its a twist in the tale of globalisation as people demand reservations on the name of regionality instead of efficiency!

BTW, how would the leaders of the party react to another states, if they remove the compositions of a Saint out of their state?

What happens to the saying of Samartha Ramdas : Hey vishwachi maajhe ghar? (The whole world is mine – as a home)

What happens to the livelihood of the Marathi’s outside Maharashtra – say Karnataka, U.P., Bihar. Should the other state’s people revert the same treatment that some of the protestors of the parties are giving to the citizens of the Country?

What is the stand of the leader for the persons residing out of the country and what if the natural citizens there react in an equal manner (going here) to the NRI’s? 


Wishing u a happy new lunar year…!


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