Bye Bye Bajaj – Sun Sets on Indias Beloved Scooter –

Bajaj decides to close down its Delhi Scooter production also. Now its Pulsar time for sure, the motorcycle business booming against the scooter section where it faces stiff competition from Honda (the much adored and loveable – Activa model) -0h not to miss the Royal White in the new edition- I just love the curves 🙂 !

Pulsar has carried forward the legacy of scooters, though the Punchline has dminished in a way – the most famous – Hamara Bajaj – which was full of being @ family with the Brand – now changed to – Definitely Male – for the Pulsar.

BTW, even with the Pulsar range – the two famous models have been the 150cc & 180cc ones- after they changed the face of still 100cc biking in India. Now the 200cc and 220 cc launched – with oil cooling and some more features – these new versions are yet to get grip in the market.

Kawasaki Ninja – 250 cc has already debuted and Hero Honda Karizma is giving a  tough challenge to above two models.

The Pune scooter plant was closed some years ago – already – the NYTimes news grabbed my attention – as there was another plant functioning till now – there @ Delhi.

Bajaj brought mobility to the Indian masses, making a clunky, affordable machine that, with a little squeezing, could carry an entire family. That image — dad driving with one child standing between his knees, while mom rides behind him holding the baby — became emblematic of Indias slow move into modernity. It seemed like a miracle. And one where only the driver had to wear a helmet. At one point, the best-selling Bajaj model, the Chetak, was selling 100,000 units per month. The waiting list could last a decade and desperate buyers would pay huge premiums above the list price to get one. For a time, Bajaj was the worlds largest scooter manufacturer. Its 1980s sales campaign, an ode to patriotism and nascent consumerism, became iconic on its own, with TV ads showing young boys clutching Indian flags and happy families gathering around scooters. The Bajaj is ours, the jingle said, ignoring the fact that the design was largely borrowed from the Italian Vespa.

via Bye Bye Bajaj – Sun Sets on Indias Beloved Scooter –


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  1. Long live Hamara Bajaj…

    1. shekharonline says:

      Long live – Hamara Bajaj!!!! The previous ad was with some patriotic flavour with the Brand ad. The new ones look like promoting the product only – may be an impact of globalisation ?

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