Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge – an extended sitcom

The movie is based on a play for about 1 hr – by Sharad Joshi. How did I forget his name – the same writer of Lapataganj – a current running serial on TV.

This movie takes some digs on the current and previous generation ideologies. The new gen has less time for leisure where as the oldies had good amount of time- less busy’ness @ their period.

Here’s a writer guy (Ajay Devgn) married to an architect (Konkana) having a kid – all being sort of say- busy – all day long, The regular “urban” types.  Kids are unaware of Guests, who come from long distance for a good amount of time. The kid asks the dad abt the definition of a guest [(LOL) – we haven’t degraded culturally so much yet! ] – by asking the importance of Athiti Devo bhava – A guest comes to your house as a form of God.

Entry for Athiti – Paresh Rawal – an unwanted guest comes along seeing for Pappu – a pet name many have during their childhood who he hasn’t visited from childhood. Names were pretty common then, while social networking being intact due to one to one contact.

The routine timetable changes for worse and later for good – as the movie ends on a happy note – with a comic end.

+ves : Good acting.

-ve : too lengthy, the songs could have been reduced. Unwanted change in Samartha Ramdas’s Shree Ganesh aarti – tone and music style (angered quite a few people).

Better to watch pre-recorded 4 episodes of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai – than to watch this extended story.


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  1. I liked the Bhajan song created on tunes of Beedi Jalaile of Omkara…

    1. shekharonline says:

      It was cool – which Paresh Rawal enacts in the movie (like the famous High pitching Maa Sherawali singer – I remember the song from childhood!).

      The director wanted to show the difference of being mechanical : people dance to the DJ first & with bhakti :- then to the song of Paresh 🙂

      There was also a song in Delhi 6 : Tumre bhavan mein jyot jaage – which was also good.

      Religious songs have been a following now in Bwood movies.

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