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The world has now two meaning pre – and post Af-Iraq wars. Its in an unstable condition where wars have been lodged for the sake of natural resources – sometimes for the like of Crude Oil! Greengrass attempts to paint the canvas with the same concept in the movie Green Zone, Its yet to be released here, but an interesting film to watch after I have seen the Bourne series hundred of times.

Its as if we are being spoon fed the “news” and in reality there is something being planned behind the scene….

It has a point to argue: Critical blunders at the outset made a quick and easy victory impossible, and turned Bushs “Mission Accomplished” photo-op into a historic miscalculation. “Green Zone” argues, as many observers have, that the fatal error of the United States was to fire the officers and men of the Iraqi army and leave them at large with their weapons. The Iraqi army had no great love of Saddam and might have been a helpful, stabilizing force. Instead, it was left unemployed, armed and alienated.

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