Sony introduces 3D TV in India

The technology emerges so fasst, people are yet to cope up with it…

  • First came the B/W displays,
  • then the Color screen TV’s,
  • then the Flat screen,
  • now the LCD’s,
  • then came the LED’s …. too costly than the LCD’s @ the moment.
  • NOW- the 3D TV’s.

Watching Avatar for about 3 hours got me a headache may be just as the same reported by many viewers @ an article on NYTIMES. How can we look it up on daily basis ? But the 3D is here to stay.

Sony on Tuesday introduced 3D TV in India, which would prove to be the next big trend in the evolution of multimedia entertainment. Based on new LED technology, the new range of TVs is also compatible with Internet and the company has exclusive tie-ups with some of the content providers like ‘Youtube to provide videos and clips.“Indian consumers today have become all the more technology savvy and with the launch of new technologies like 3D, Internet TV and LED, we want to ensure that they get nothing but the best,” said Sony India Managing Director Masaru Tamagawa. The company also announced the launch of new models under the popular Bravia brand, priced between Rs. 45,900 and Rs. 3.50-lakh.

via The Hindu : Business / Companies : Sony introduces 3D TV in India.


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