Greengrass says no to a Bond flick, smells betrayal in Iraq war

Some chemical weapons highlighted the need of a war, those never found….Its a clueless saga for the whole world as we see two wars being fought without any need. One due to owns actions other due to fallacy. Greengrass combines a thought into a film, with the same idea from a novel …

Bourne, now ventures, into real life saga, as an Army guy again played by Matt Damon, who will not feature in next Bourne flick…

Bourne continues to inspire Bond movies….. 🙂

The recent Daniel Craig reboot, producing a meaner, more credible Bond, might never have happened if Bourne hadnt upped the game. They even borrowed some key members of the Bourne crew to give it that Greengrass-style immediacy.

Didnt the Bond producers ever try and tap him up?”Er . . . no,” he says, with an intriguing pause. Would he do a Bond movie if asked?”I wouldnt in actual fact, no. Anything I could say in that area I would say with Bourne. I like Bourne because its not Bond.”So whats going on with Bourne? Universal asked Greengrass to make another Bourne film, and he agreed at least to help develop one. “I felt like I ought to because I know how important it is to them,” he says. But he abruptly withdrew from the project last December. According to some reports, he was displeased to discover the studio was developing a “parallel” script behind his back. Greengrass denies this, and says he remains on good terms with the studio, but Damon has also said no to any future Bourne films, and the franchise is currently on ice. “I didnt feel the fire in the belly that you need to spend 18 months, 20 hours a day, seven days a week, to make a Bourne film. There were other films I wanted to make.

via Paul Greengrass: the betrayal behind Green Zone | Film | The Guardian.


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