Son of Hamas who spied for Israel

The way people change, their faiths change and so does way fo living. The below book seems to be an interesting read from the Green Prince, as he is called. The son of a leading Hamas leader, spies for Israel and then converts into another religion.

His book tells the story of a young man raised in a strict Muslim family in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in the folds of the Hamas movement. But he lands in an Israeli prison before he is 20, experiences Israeli torture, but also witnesses torture by Hamas inmates against other Palestinians. A young Palestinians rage against Israeli occupation is soon matched by growing hatred of what he sees as the corruption of the Palestinian Authority, the violent ideology of Hamas and finally the precepts of his own Islamic faith.

via BBC News – Son of Hamas who spied for Israel.

There was an interesting article – about a Nazi operative in Poland, who was a Christian first – but actually was a Jew (as per the family tree) but hated Jews !! Later on he converted into a Jew faith and started repenting for his past mistakes!

Is it so tough for huamn beings to delve into one faith, how people live with many! The main fact behind this being there is a single entity called GOD by everybody – but there different ways to reach him. The paths may be different but still however lead to the same goal.

The only pain in this whole matter being that there is still bloodshed going on – on the name of God, or on the name of religion.


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