Iraqis Awash in Gifts From Candidates –

The story remians the same in Democracy, be it India or be Iraq! Giving bribe to attract the voters is much of a common thing in “democracy“. Its for the sake of these small things the votes gets biased (the full article has a voter saying that!) and the results trun from one side to another.

Here, the rail budget was presented taking into view the oncoming elections of few states – to win the favour of people of these states. Somehow that didn’t materialize as the main Finance budget took off the so called feel good effects of the rail budget after two days.

Aunt said day before yday : Commodity prices once rose, never go down, as I see from my child hood.

So True!

Non vegetarian meals, rice, bicycles, Enfield bullet vehicles, and what not! The candidates give away gifts before they are elected and then loot the aam Junta (the common man/ people).

What a loop-hole this concept is driven. No two way about that. If the designers of this concept or theory would have taken into account the above happening’s the story in world wide so called democracies – would have been different.

Its a bad story after the so many years of Independance, the fights still going over religions and caste base – and over publicity of having or not having a police protection cover. A thought comes in the mind as these corrupt guys debating over protection forget the top leaders of yester years – never had one!

Across the country, voters are reaping a windfall as candidates in Sunday’s parliamentary elections offer gifts like heating oil and rice. When a candidate recently showed up in a poor village outside Baquba to distribute frozen chickens — in a literal homage to the political slogan “a chicken in every pot” — so many people rushed to get the free birds that many left disappointed after the supply ran out. In Babil Province, local candidates have imported sports equipment and thousands of running shoes from China for their constituents. In the southern marshes, politicians travel for hours to pass out toys to children, phone cards to adults and blankets to the poor. The practice is hardly a secret. When Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was asked about allegations that he gave tribal leaders pistols, emblazoned with a personal stamp, he openly defended the action.

via Iraqis Awash in Gifts From Candidates –


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