Film – ‘Green Zone’ – Matt Damon in the Iraq War –


The classic Bourne series and Matt Damon + Paul Greengrass return with yet another military warfare movies, this time based on true events. Releases this month in the US, and is based on a novel by Rajiv Chandrashekaran “Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone ” after the famous Robert Lodlum’s Bourne’s trilogy (Greengrass had done the last 2 films.)

“Green Zone” looks and moves much like a Bourne sequel, it also comes with a significant strike against it as a commercial proposition: It’s a movie about the Iraq war, a subject that has proven to be a recipe for box-office disappointment. Set in Baghdad in the chaotic early days of the American occupation, “Green Zone” dramatizes the fruitless hunt for weapons of mass destruction and climaxes on the first night of full-blown insurgency in Iraq. And the film isn’t shy about its politics. “Green Zone” is not an apolitical view of soldiers struggling to survive a grinding war, but a conspiracy thriller that directly addresses the possibility that the war might have been a huge scam, and a botched one at that.Mr. Greengrass filmed “Green Zone” in Morocco, Spain and England in 2008, and was essentially done editing and scoring the film six months ago.

via Film – ‘Green Zone’ – Matt Damon in the Iraq War –

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