Karthik Calling Karthik – Movie Review


Karthik (Farhan) is an introvert, does just paperwork in the whole office, seems from the curses he gets from his boss, he is into sales / mktg job – other than just paper work. Loves watching Shonali (Deepika) whose charm bowls him over again and again. Shonali, drinks, smokes and is being seen by another guy in the same office. Despite being in the same company for 4 years he never gets the courage to ask her for an outing and is “unseen” in the office. Even a peon in the office has a mobile, thinks that Karthik, isn’t cool enough. His boss, colleagues, landlord, etc treat him badly – that he soon looses his job .

 In the midst of everything against him, he locks himself in the house, decides to suicide that too on his birthday! Another Karthik, calls him and wakes him up, to face the challenges. He soon starts answering the calls and changes as per the guide says.

 He changes his attire and attitude, gets some money back from the landlord from his previous, unnoticed calculations @ the back of the mind. He opens the secrets of Shonali’s boyfriend to her , to get rid of him. Somehow, everything goes smoothly, till Karthik tells Shonali abt his secret advisor.

 Karthik caling Karthik, plot has less depth, and everybody seems to be in an urgency to finish it. Some extra thought whould have saved the film.

 With Invictus, Teen Patti (this week) and Road, Movie (next week) I am not sure about the fate of this movie!

 Kites trailor was there twice, seems interesting.

 The +ves :- Farhan’s alter ego, Deepika and the Background Music by Karsh Kale & Medival Punditz  + Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s songs.

The – ves :- weak plot, desired & un-twisted ending, you almost think what happens now, and it happens.

 The storyline has similarities with The Beautiful mind. This one was a original story, with great acts from Russell Crowe and Natalie Portman.


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  1. Shiv says:

    The real problem with the movie is it’s script. Read my review of Karthik Calling Karthik and other recent movies here http://www.storyflakes.wordpress.com

  2. shekharonline says:

    Hi Shiv,

    This movie lacks something which was wanted like in the Kites trailor. With the Trailors it seemed that there was another Karthik, who actually will come into picture sometime. That never happened. Instead, the original one takes to hiding @ another location. What a mess!

    There was some action required, like the guy from whom Karthik steals the girl, should have created some complications, instead the script follows the typical bollywood way. 😦

    The schinzophrenia thing – appears quite less, the start – i thought of inspired from Harry Potter (V) where the dementors attack Harry while he is being “bullied” by Dudley 🙂 same here (can be a co incidence too)

    The office routine – Rocket Singh, and some camera work was like Dev D ( which in turn is said to have been inspired by a Danny Boyle film!)

    anyways this movie never touches the mark of previous Farhan acts.. except some jokes.

    Somwhow he should have tried to ghost write and ghost direct this one, the result would have been better. Otherwise, its like putting the feet on two different boats and the result is always the same, the individual drowns.. 🙂

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