Blast rips Pune’s German Bakery on Saturday; while Police busy protecting MNIK

Blast rips Punes German Bakery; 9 dead, 45 wounded – Pune – City – The Times of India. (Times of India)

After Friday lull, MNIK sizzles on Saturday. (Indian Express)

With two different news on the same Sunday paper, which made people think. Shiv Sena opposing the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s My Name is Khan against his support for Pak players, which caused the Government to give protection to the screenings of the movie in the State.

Now, the Pune Camp area was under tight scurtiny for the last few months – due to its popularity in the tourists arriving in the city and an ashram in the suburban area. Being low on head count the policae force msut have been hard to decide on whether to continue its search operations or to secure the release of a much publicized film on the account of religion and freedom of speech and expression.

The debates continued for last 2-3 weeks when, the decision must have been taken and it cost the people in German Bakery their lives.

Bollywood, sure, must think upon this as its their responsibility not to enter into the political arena (not like the south, where the stars are gods and also enter politics after they end their acting/ filming careers ). Last hit, 3 idiots was also much into (cheap) publicity due to the main lead getting into “avatar’s ” as be to unknown as a super star and behave as a normal guy. 

Another such thing for publicity was not to involve the novel writers name into the starting credits, well thought stunt, worked and created waves spirally as the novel was known more to people than the movie story. After the film gained grounds, both the film prod. team and the writer pressed “sleep” mode.  

We, as people, also need to be alert, to whom we should take on our “heads” and to whom “kick off”!


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