The 10th Publication of Narmade Har Har

Luckily had a SMS received from the follower of Shree. Jagannath Kunte, the mentor of many followers (sadhak’s) and the famous writer of Narmade Har Har (the base of His popularity) and the later three – Sadhanamast , NityaNiranjan and Kalindi (not in the photograph).

The program was @ 530 in the evng, but I landed there @ around 7pm.

Just reached in time to have some thoughts from Shree. Vijay Kuvlekar, the ex- editor in chief of Sakal. Better known to me due to his role of Shree. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

The website of the publication house was also inaugurated. Link :-

The Q&A program with Shree. Jagannath Kunte (ref. by many as Swamiji) started @ around 7 pm. His answers to the queries were straight from the heart, and were practical. He spoke on many issues like the Spirituality circle being taken by a group of bhondubaba’s (the fake Guru’s) and then spoke of teh experiences He had with his Guru’s (Shree Tembe Swami Maharaj, Shree. Gulavani Maharaaj and Shree. Datta Maharaaj Kavishwar.

Here one experince he recalls. Unable to offer Guru dakshina to any of his Guru’s , he & a friend took a great amount of money (in some thousands & in 1990’s – a great deal @ that time)  to offer to Shree. Datta Maharaaj Kavishwar. Instantly, Datta Maharaaj gave away the money to a work going on @ Amarapur and gave these guys a receit of the money. He thus explained,  Vairagya in a simple story. Datta Maharaaj did both the things @ the same time without even thinking of benefitting Himself from that money. (His Charitra – speaks of Him in the same way, Jai Ho Kavishwar Shastriji Ki!)

Then He compares that parampara to the one happening today, where the Mentors (& not Guru’s) promise you of the achievements of Meditation and take thousands & Lacs of Rs. in compensation for their trusts!

He also compared the beauty of a lady with those of His Guru Parampara and found that none of these Incarnations of the Lord (my equiv. for Vibhuti) had good postures, but these Guys were attractive to the Heart & Soul. You prayed thousands of hours for them to give you a Darshan!

He also  guided the sadhaks to pray to their Guru’s daily to have their kind of prayers done, coz he credits His Guru’s for where He is. He also said that the daily sadhana (worship) helps to develop the soul and should be done ona  regular basis. He had been on leaves (in the forest) for 4-6 months before Narmada Parikrama.

He also adviced that people do Parikrama as a Picnic, but the one, in which He had been adviced by His Guru Maharaaj, were done to attain the highest level of Vairagya (to free him of all bonds!). What kind of parikrama can happen with Cameras, handicams and all luxuries around you? was his Q.

He had also met Ashwatthama during his first Parikrama nad recalled how bad it was for a Brahmin like Him to cheat in the great Mahabharata by the instance of killing all Pandav sons. And also of Sage Drona, who for money took refuge in the kingdom while agreeing to teach the Kaurav’s and the Pandav’s. Ashwatthama has been cursed to be there till the world ends and is bound to lead a painful life asking for oil to heal his injuries. The other Chiranjeevis have a “boon” of being immortal while Ashwatthama has it as a “curse”.

He also took a dig @ the experience from a weekly, that Ashwatthama was in Mumbai asking for oil @ a door. How foolish, he said.

Thus giving guidance in simple language, He also gave the knowledge of his basic thoughts on Spirituality (& said not to mix it with religion!)

Due to another function @ the same time, I had no option but to leave early @ 8pm.



  1. mandar,s,chikhalthankar says:

    i love narmade-har-har

  2. madhu pillai says:

    I want to once have “Darshan” of swamiji (Jagannath Kunte) and his wife Kalindi in my life time.I have missed the opportunity recently and regret it very much. Hope my wish will be fulfilled soon by the grace of God,Shree Swami Samarth,Shree Shankar Maharajji and Swami Jagannath Kunte.

    1. shekharonline says:

      emailed the details of Shree Jagannath Kunte on your email id
      – Shekhar 🙂

      1. Vikrama Ditya says:

        Plz also send me details of Shri jagannath Kunte


        1. shekharonline says:

          Call # Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) /// get the whereabout abt Mr. Kunte from Cell :- 9890956695 .

  3. mukesh kakade says:

    It was different experience after reading this book. I also wish to read another three books i.e. “SADHANAMAST” and other. I would like thank to one of my dear friend who inspire me to read this book.

  4. amit says:

    i have landed my hands on narmada har har , just yesterday and that to coincidentally and am eager to read it after i had finished me on the path an auto biography of an yogi , this is definitely put me on the rite path

  5. dr.niranjan atmaram patil. says:

    two days back only i heard his pravachan at pushapk hall i wants guidance for getting guru.

  6. Vishal says:

    When I got this book, I was not having a single line in my mind about swami ji. I took over this book because of Maa Narmada. But when I started reading it , I could nt stop myself by completing it in 1 sitting. I want to meet swami ji and I missed the chance very recently when he was in the Pustak Pradarshini at singhgad road. If any body has his details please mail me at

    Right now I am enjoying Sadhana Mast!!!!!

    1. Shyam Kulkarni says:

      Please, meet Swamiji,

      Go to Mrutunjay Mandir on Karve Road, turn to right go to P.Joge School and to your left u will find HDFC BANK, take that turn(go inside that road) and after some distance take right to find Building GURUSEWA, Go to second floor to Mihir Chunekar Flat. Please, please, PAY MY REGARDS TO SWAMIJI.

      MY CELL NO: 98508 17431

  7. rahul r deshpande says:

    i heard about swamiji from my mother today. i wish to meet him at earliest. i am confidenet to have my woorries to be gone once i meet him. also i am looking for his contact nos. jai gurudev.

  8. Pradnya. says:

    Can I please have the address and contact details of Kunte swami maharaj? Please email me the details if possible.


    1. shekharonline says:

      You can call # Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) /// get the whereabout abt Mr. Kunte from Cell :- 9890956695


  9. swamiji che pravachan Thane yethe October madhe aslyas sangne . navin pustak DHUNI vachle.. khup chhaan aahe.

    shree swami samarth.
    Jai Sadguru..

    1. shekharonline says:

      hya number var vichara….

      Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) / Cell :- 9890956695

  10. Sarang Gurao says:

    Today, Just finished Book – Sadhana Mast. It was a awesome experience of reading this book. It was like Swami was reciting in front of me and telling me about this Yatra. Would surely like to have darshan of Swami Jaganath Kunte.

  11. MANISH SANE says:

    Dear shekhar,
    Can you give me swamijis address ? I read his all books & wish to meet him.

    Thanks & Regards,

  12. shekharonline says:

    You can call # Mr. Chunekar’s residence (020 – 2545 6293) /// get the whereabout abt Mr. Kunte from Cell :- 9890956695 — shekharonline

  13. N.R.Pardeshi says:

    Me Swamijichi narmade har har vachale aani mala sudha parikremela jayeche aahe tari aaple aashirvad asave. Swamichicha darshana chi va bhetnachi khup echa aahe va mala janya sathi aaple margdarshan labheve ashi echa aahe.
    swamijichi kalindi, sadhana-mast ,nitya-nirajan, narmade har har hi pustake mala havi aahe tya sathi kay karave mala kalalave. har narmade. narmadhe har.

    1. shekharonline says:

      see any of the comments on this post ~

  14. Vikrama Ditya says:

    Hi all,
    My friend Devendra told me about Narmada Parikarma about 1 year ago. but few days earlier he informed me about Shree Jagannath Kunte book and few experiences while Narmada Parikarma. I could not hold my tears to in my eyes. I want to read all books. is it in hindi version.

    Plz let know

    Vikrama Ditya

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