My Connection with someone..

The way I have had this connection for past five years, its difficult for me to end it. I agree that I am over rating this issue, but many people of my age and office have faced this problem.

Previously we used to connect so easily, it is unbelievable now. Its a more one sided affair now. You can;t agree to this, just call me! Its keeps on peope frustrating and me angered. When somebody reminds you that they were helpful to you for the previous five years and now its your turn, you cannot stop the phone and just leave it. You agree to wait and take your chance for the other one.

I am receiving calls from Delhi and Mumbai, not to stop this connection and forget it. The relationship should be maintained they say, and well why not, they are paid for it.

My connection with the world is hammered due to this relationship and the other end does agree.

Confused what this all mess it about or guessing who the connection is with, well its the Telecom company Windtel (a synonym for the front runner of the Indian GSM Circles!).

Windtel keeps on promising the people that they are setting up new towers, buliding a better infrastructure,blah blah blah. These robotic guys take up your queries on the phone, give some sweet sweet answers (pre feeded) or else beef up with “we are extremely sorry Sir!, we will try to resolve your xyz complaint number in next few days”

There are other problems too! The frds in Mobile communication sector have agreed that we have loads of people with a less powerful (read low capability) networks here. Its like asking for 1 litre of water and getting 2.5 ltrs. What happens? overflow! You can’t connect @ the same instant, beta, keep on trying.

Windtel should pay me back for the time of me and my connections they have wasted. The guys keep on calling to find my cell “switched off” or “out of network area” etc etc … Well Windtel = Your Network doesn’t work! Damn thing!!

Then there are abc new schemes for which the CC (Customer Care) keeps on calling you, Windtel to Windtel free  (I dont know how these crap schemes work, as half of the times there is no network, other times the network comes on a bsuy!) I suspect if these free guys take most of the network. How the Business works,god knows with this third grade schemes.

Well, last time the CC called me to get this scheme, I joked and said, well I am single. (Instead should have asked the CC, ” can I gift you the other number?”  🙂 )

Days passed, years went away and half a decade gone. Problem still survives (the survival of the fittest – Darwin’s theory). Well I am thinking on giving up this communication connection. God save Windtel and more its customers!

They say they are building a new tower and it will be ready in next two months. Prevously confimed date was 24th Jan. I doubt that to happen in 2010, a good tactic to give the date only as the year can be changed to 2011. (Sir, we had only confirmed the dat & not the year!!!)

The New company offers 500,000 free seconds to the same network, then 1 paise / min scheme, all these are happening without a better network!!!

This network had previously run aan advt. saying that we have had just 5 crores of Customers in India and rest is our target. Its amazing to figure out the situation then, as the network would have so much trouble, caling would be a boon, as people would stop for being in a network!


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