Court order allows the Deemed Univ to function

After a series of news on how the Deemed Universities are not functioning properly, the Hon. Supreme Court has bought a stay on the Government order to stop the 44 Deemed Universities.

This is one of the many turns on which the whole Indian Education system has gone through.

1st being the inability to admit one and all students based on their merit, the Government opens up the idea to allow private colleges to function and award Degrees

2nd. the number of students per Univ. go so up that the Grants Commission decides to allow the private colleges to form Universities and allows them to function as seperate University entities.

3rd. the number of Deemed Univ. goes so up ina period of 5- 10 years, that the Government thinks its becoming hard to manage such an ill system, tries to force a new system on them, as it has no control on the overall process as the Deemed Univ.’s are already granted their “status”.

4th. The Government irritated by its predecessor’s decision’s gives an ulitmatum, even after the Deemed guys have been inspected and found OK by the Accreditation boards and Council’s find these Deemed guys functioning well.

5th. They decide to shut down this Degree printing shops (as they think  ’em (Deemed Univ.’s) to be) and the students feel left “doomed”.

Thanks to the judiciary system, being out of the reach of Govt. hands, they are ready to hear each & every Deemed guy’s say on the whole issue.


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