being single…

i am still unable to understand, the way the marriage system in India has evolved. Parents go to the bride’s house, select her and ask their kid to marry that gal. god that scks.

having attended two fast track marriages (with guys/gals who ran away from their families to marry), i find the arranged type very confusing and boring.

here we have selection based on the caste system, the status and being a family matter, the choice in between the two to-be-united is ofthe least concern. then their is a kundali(birth zodiac) matching, and the points on this front affect the whole scenario! both need to have a match > 50% (>18/36) to be married. the greater the more better  the unison will be !

but somehow, the arranged marriages have worked till now. how? why?

kids didnt had the freedom of selection till now, there were less inter-caste marriages (leave out inter-religion ones!)

and their unison of two beings, bought into different families, different set of circumstances, different surroundings and altogether different behaviours. being single beings, they would have different sets of contacts, different attitudes, et al.

then comes adjustment, one for another. and evrything you say, is the others vote, may be agreeable or not.

if you dont,  everthing is on the rocks!

they say marriages are arranged in heaven! god knows, how!


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  1. sakhya-hari says:

    arrange marriages are same as democracy. when a new person becomes a part of the family, more than the half family should agree with the decision. If you are living alone, marry anyone you want. But if you want to live with your parents, marry someone that they agree. Otherwise you will be forced out of the family anyways…

  2. Komal says:

    heeeeeeeeee u r very much right……. being single is very fantastic, but pepole says that better do than nervertheless…………… so always prefered what your mind says but finally i would say that being single is very veryyyyyyyyyyyy fanstatic…… 🙂

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