44 Universities to be shut down!

44 Deemed status Universities have been told to shut down their operations by HRD ministry, in a move that will have an impact on about 2 lakh students will be affected by this move, with the ball in now on the side of Hon. Supreme Court. With many round of news going around for the past 1.5 -2 years, we the students, had a habit of this news going round and finally disappearing in the air.

HRD min. seems to have finally struck a chord while taking a decision to put an end to 44 Univ. & moving this case to the Court to get a solution.

Mr. Minister :- some questions :

What happens to the University students after the decision comes?

What happens to the University staff afterwards? As they would be under a banned/ un recognized Univ. what about their future prospects?

Why not all Deemed Universities being closed, why these 44 only? This sounds partial.

When will be the next laws put into effect, whilst some other Deemed Univ. come up?

Detailed report @ Indian express @ below link



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