life takes its own way & u cant change it…

the way in which anybody’s life takes turn is gradually decided by time itself and the conditions surrounding the person. day before yesterday, was thinking of leaving the idea of watching movies – now and somehow, the movie clips of Forrest Gump, arrived in the front. I was in a confusing situation now, as the new year’s first resolution was to be shattered in the first week itself, with Rocket Singh first and Forrest Gump, the second installment. Both deal with the tough luck period in an individuals and how did they cope up with them positively.

The Chetan Bhagat – 3 idiots team clash has come to an end.. finally! reading the book adds another aspect to the whole story as the books material seems good than the masala Bollywood film. I doubt whether I can see this film again as Aamir’s previous movies, as  its too much preachy, in its way, as compared to JJWS, DCH, RDB.. I haven’t seen Mangal Pandey, yet, but the plot changes do not get me interested in watching it. Was similar case with Jodha Akbar, watched it when it came on TV.


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