3 idiots review… 4.5/5

This movie is excellent. Good work from Aamir, Sharman, Madhavan & Kareena. The story is good, the dialogues excellent. The songs are as and when required. The pace at which it continues is good. The direction and execution of the plot is phenomenal.

The message with which the movie continues throughout is “Follow your heart” – that too Always.

The background music had much of scope as the music of songs has been repeated with some variations as a background score.

BTW, this story is the from the novel of our Chetan Bhagat, happening in IIT. The climax has been changed as per the reports, that too somehow fits the tale.

Menawhile, some things have been inspired from a bunch of other movies, theclicks you get in between of the shots : from DCH, Jab we met, Munnbbhai series, etc etc… Aamir’s character also has friends who have names of his real life director frineds Raju ( Raj Kumar Hirani) & Farhan – Farhan Akhtar…


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