MNS and all the hysteria surrounding it

the way the selected legislators are working does not suit the image of the democracy we crave for. also it does not guarantee the the way on which the politics of MNS brand wants to go. the MNS is the brainchild of some other personality than it appears to of of Raj’s. Well its not the way that the happenings are going ahead after the elections but there seems to be a hand behind the curtains pulling the strings for “his” own good thru MNS.

The other motive may be the downfall of the ShivSena, but after all the SS has been bought down by MNS – some where 20-30 seats have been lost by the NDA in Maharashtra due to interference of MNS factor in the assembly polls.

Its the same old truf, a bro for a bro, like in Mahabharata, and the results may not differ this time, too! both brothers are fighting each other and while this was not expected by the people, after they did cast their votes, and equations changed the way they used to be, somewhere SS being stuck by a thunder bolt while not winning majority in their Mumbai fort, where it began its journey.

One side of India Shining lies the metropolitan city, which has its arms  open for all, but its rulers want to curb that hands on the other way round!

Last not the least, the way things turn around before the MNS is into power may be differ after it comes on power! that would have to be done by them….


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