ShekharOnline’s Q&A with Rajdeep Sardesai of IBN on Maharashtra Assembly results

chandrashekhar:Can MNS raise to power till next elections, though Raj was willing this time also? Rajdeep Sardesai: i think mns at the moment has a limited appeal.. dont see it coming to power in the future, but there is little doubt that it represents a constituency which cannot be ignored.

chandrashekhar:Has BJP become a regional party ? what abt its National staus ? With a leader of the level of Pramod Mahajan gone, Advani and Vajpayee no-where to look into Party matters & Sangh Pariwar hold on decline in BJP. Even the RSS chief was changed in a day (Its Mohan Bhagwat now) Rajdeep Sardesai: i think the bjp can still be an effective national party, its still in power in several important states, but the party needs to balance its core hindutva ideology with a more modern,inclusive vision, and provide a stronger, more focussed leadership

Two/ Five have been answered. 3 missing though 🙂


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