the best movie seen in recent times. Saw it with english subtitles, but then there was no need for it, as the language of love is eternal. the acting superb and the music – soulful. the humming tone – pa-ni-nisa-sa.. still rings in the ears. and the story is truly indian in every thought. every kid is brought up by his dad, loved by his mom and while decision making they tend to be them while making it for him…

This takes a wrong turn when Sid realises he has to marry someone he loves and not his dad, so love comes naturally to him and for hasini, who suddenly comes into his life after his engagement. then like all our dramas this movie continues. hasini is called to his home, stays for 7 days and then leaves after agitating that everybody behaves in two ways, one in front of the father and other when he’s not there…!

execution is what makes this movie special, loves Genelia and impressed by Sid’s performance.


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