Kaminey vs Jaane bhi do Yaaro

Kaminey though a is good movie, sometimes, I think it is inspired from the classic : Jaane bhi do yaaro. The stories of the protagonists are same – most of the times – they face the same situations – same sort of intricacies in the system, the system truns dubious and they are left no where to go. Kaminey has a positive ending as compared to Jaane bhi do.. Where the friends are arrested and framed in the bridge collapse fiasco!

The strong points though differ. Kaminey is a highly packed action drama, with some instances of comedy. The language is crude and there are about 4-5 languages – Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, English and some Afrikaans (the one in which Cajetaan speaks -doubt that!) and a good background score and songs.

JBDY – has more comedy scenes, and the tone is more satirical. The climax of the movie is what makes it more classic ( Mahabharata involving scenes of Vastraharan, intruded by Akbar & Salim and other characters that come in between!). It has no songs!

Kaminey’s climax with lots of rounds and blood, is novel. Aife aife kaife kaife… and Guddu is a proud father of twins…!

A point to note that Pankaj Kapur is in JBDY  father of  Shahid in Kaminey!


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