Review Lova Aaj Kal- watchable – Once

Love aaj kal starts with the intro of two characters played by – Jai (Saif) & Meera (Deepika) – an architect and a gal working on fresco’s in London (whats a fresco ? – err see ok, they meet, chat, look into fbook a/c’s each other and stay as a couple for each other. Well later on decide to break up as both are eventually going in different directions. Saif wants to go to Golden Gate comp’s project in the US and Deepika is heading to India for the fresco’s (it’s the restoration work done by people to preserve old artifacts!) Well , the decision coming from their idea of long distance relationships wont work. Deepika lands in India and bumps on her senior @ the site , well played by Rahul Khanna in a short role. Both agree that Rahul will be a good choice for Deepika.. Arr… evrything going in a straight line… no. In between Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) arrives in some frames, narrating his love story to his son, Jai. Saif plays a sikh munda bumping on to a sweet cutie Harleen Kaur ( or whatever her name was- played by a videsi model). Veer Singh (Saif) – works in Delhi & the kudi is in Kolkata. Then both the tracks run parallely. The nexgen Jai reuturns to India with his blonde GF just to find out that he is in love with Meera! Well Meera is marrying Rahul and breaks up in between with him waiting for Jai to return from US…Veer Singh is patiently waiting for his son to find his true love.. Would they meet each other ?? See it to find it . Well the songs are good and in tune with the movie. Imtiaz Ali’s magic works once again.


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