Kaminey Movie Review



The story gripping, the characters intriguing and the time goes fasst till u get into the characters. A very good work by Vishal Bharadwaj. Guddu and Charlie are twins who have left each other since childhood and they are on daimetrically opposite paths – one a white collared thinker other works on horse racing. Sweety (a sweet Priyanka Chopra) is a marathi girl – his girl friend, prgnant from Guddu – who later comes to know she’s a sis of Gang-leader- cum- Leader (pro-marathi) Bhope bhau – who gets agitated – after knowing of their relations. Charlie works for a bengali gang – one of them – MIkhail – is his dear friend.

Charlie has ambitions being a bookie – in – horse racing- one day. He looses all his money in a race. Sweety decides to marry Guddu & Guddu has to acknowledge that – he doesn’t want to kill the arriving baby.

Charlie tracks the bookie through which he lost, to take up all his money and there the story takes a twist. Tashi is a drug trafficker with connections in the Customs deptt. Bhope lands with Charlie for search of Guddu.

All that and much more ensues the viewer’s interest till the end.

Shahid Kapur has got the role of his life. Priyanka is sweet, though her role is short. Mikhail impresses, but his role is also short. All songs add to the falvour, though Pehli baar is missing.

Dhan Ta Nana is my favourite these days, heard already a thousand times- may be! Raat ke dhaai baje is another one, though the best of the lot is Kaminey sung by Vishal Bharadwaj! The background score while Charlie runs- Go Charlie – is amazing.

Overall, this is a best of the pack from Bollywood this year.


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