Kaminey Music Review….5 out of 5

Kaminey tracks are superb..mind blowing from the Composer/ Write/ Director and Singer (omg : did I miss something….!!!)

(1) Kaminey – Sung by Vishal Bharadwaj- the title track is my favorite. Heard it a few hundred times already! (2) Dhan te Nan.. & Dhan te Nan (remix) :-Vishal Dadlani & Sukhwinder Singh – Superb track again, not to miss that the same composer created the tunes our feet would start tapping at! – Maachis and Bidi jalaile..but sometimes I think it’s the track based on the beats of Cash (title track!)..(3) Fatak – has kailash kher and Sukhwinder Singh- good one again…. (4) Raat ke dhaai baje – Kunal Ganjawala, Mrs. Bharadwaj & Suresh Wadkar… & (5) Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki hain — Mohit Chauhan… Well I liked the male version, but the remix version of Raat ke Dhai baje is also good.

In overall a good album, overall, I enjoyed after Rock On!!!


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  1. Prasanna Gadkari says:

    Nice… very informative!! start Shekhar-wiki

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