searches on ShekharOnline and related links

btw, a lot many people hae clicked on the blog for Jnaneshwari(pronouned as Gyaaneshwari, Sant Tukaraam gaatha) and many other Hindu sacred books.

Here are the links which I have read from :-

The below site has many books online (typed and posted!)

The below site has a great variety of Marathi/ Hindi / Sanskrit literature

Then, the below sites :-

The autobiography of Paramhansa Yogananda – A great spiritual leader of the East in the West.

His Paratpar Guru’s Deeksha Story with Babaji :-

Some good photo collection @ :-

And by experience – the visit to the sacred places if done individually (means alone) ; it helps more. There is nobody disturbing you and you get a chance to be one with the surroundings. Read abt the trip to Bhuleshwar on the same blog.

another source is but the data is bound to have errors / may be biased, as many people say.


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