Movie Review : 99



This movie is very very good and exceptional! I wont give away the plot details here… (its like a Golmaal / Golmaal returns + herapheri + some of last year’s Mahesh Bhatt’s “Jannat”) where the heroes are craving for a good fortune, however, under the umbrella of  everything other than truth…

Here Sachin and Zaramud, are the two friends, everytime hitting a 99 and getting caught. Its just fate that they realise later on that a century requires sheer determination + patience , etc till the end and the faith that the hard work (of a run – a sport – cricket term) for first – 99 and the last (run) for a century is – the same!

Watch the movie for fun, the emotions, the thrill and obiviously the story!

Great efforts and good timepass, after so much poor movies, which hell binded the mind!

The good work of actors –

Kunal Khemu (must have thought of forgetting Jai Veeru, after this class act!) ; Cyrus Broacha ; Boman Irani and Mahesh Manjrekar takes the filam ahead – in a fast pace.

Amit Mistry- remember Khushiyaan – on DD National- has done a good job,

Soha Ali Khan, small role, less screen presence.

The screenplay is of the (in) famous reviewer : – Raja Sen. I decide watching movies many a times reading his reviews. Don’t know why people are always chasing him! You can read his reviews @ . On this movie, another reviewer of Rediff gives him just a 50% , rating it as “funny”.

NYTimes has also given a good review for this movie (


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