recently, at a friend’s wedding

there was a reception (that’s what we call here) for the newly wed school friend. by marriage, here, is the ceremony mostly done at a place both the bride and groom parties find it convenient. then the groom has to have a party at his place for his friends, etc who could not attend at the distant place. that party is called a reception… so, at the reception, my school mates met after a big gap of about 10 years! the last we met were at the age of 16 yrs! (mostly), yeah but we have elder guys (repeaters, new joiners, etc). mostly, age now appears on every one’s face. the way i took it was different. the way life has been, i never had gone back to those days. never again to the same place for a long period, never met with these friends. chatting and orkut-ing is different. may be someone can post a good photo of his own, graphically modified and with enhanced features. but you cannot falsify reality, as everybody after meeting looks different. also, the way we looked at that time, and now differed too much. i had the compliment of maintaining that face for a longer time (till now). looking young as they said, but i had to stop that guy and had to say, he too was young. as age is not defined by the way you look, but your high spirits and morale. of these guys, mostly everybody is living mostly at the same place, same locality! except a guy, who had been to UK for about 2-3 years. rest all is ok with them , but they do not seem to care about what is happening around.


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