past week and a cell phone found…

last week was the busiest of the ones….there was a program on Sunday.. Its difficult to face the sun for about 3-4 hrs in a day, especially without covering the face/ head.. and much harder if the mercury goes above 40 deg C.. (when you have habit of being in an air conditioner for ret of the week at mere 20 degC!) some health troubles started on the start of the week, still recovering… had found a cell phone two days back.. a Nokia 2600 model phone with an Idea card.. that’s it as per my knowledge… I was confused, whom to give this mobile. so called the first one in the contacts list.. ooops, that was of a guy – Abe in the US. .. must have been a close frnd or relative.. so just not to play with the balance on the SIM card, cancelled the call .. (a US call is abt 10 Rs/ min from here) later called a guy called Anand Kulkarni… he agreed to come and take the phone… I said him to take it from an office nearby.. so he agreed and came that day.. I had already left. The man at the office, didn’t agree with Anand,and is now insisting for the owner to come up and collect the phone.. the 11/26 has created a bad impression, especially of the youth, after Kasab was caught. the coin phone booth (PCO’s) have been closed, at most the places. if not, the owner has to have the cell phone, address and the personal identification of each and every customer calling with the phone. OMG! Its such a disaster, both on the commercial and personal plane. god knows when the owner will get the phone… Think that I should have given it to a nearby police station… or to a cop sevring nearby..


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  1. Thanks for this informative post. It is so useful for me .

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