Why Slumdog didn’t had the Khans and AB

The way in which the story of Slumdog millionaire goes ahead, there is no scope for the regular “dhinchak” songs of Bollywood style. May be SRK wanted a meaty role, with his introductory song of KBC shtyle and some other lungi style costumes, which he did for KBC, Boyle would have laughed at it and cancelled him, after going nuts!!! In addition to that, SRK would have also demanded a dance sequence like Deewanagi of OSO with 40 -45 actress coming on the stage with him and some Noika, Huyndai, and other stuff he ‘ad’s for … with KKR (Knight riders) AK (Aamir khan) would have read the script and asked for some modification, some more weightage and finally would have took the movie into his own custody and then would have wish to direct it with some TZP style!!! India would have won an Oscar more… 🙂 Big B would have rejected the negative side of the character deamnding a new character to do the same again with a huge sum of money to ask this 10 questions…. well BigB would have become a millionaire, getting the signing amount from Boyle, again Boyle would have gone crazy…..


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