marathon election in India ended yesterday

No wonder why we are called the largest democracy, the election run must have been ‘the largest’ as compared to the previous elections. Sigh… The way the voting process has gone through, the voters have turned out less to the polling booths, much to the “ineffect” of all the “go Voting” campaigns of the old and new voters. “Let it be, as it goes”, a thought which must be in our DNA’s! The Exit polls are out & the two of the most biggest parties and their alliances (NDA + and the UPA- , after the shift of TRS) have been shown to gather approximately 200 seats each, with now the 3rd and the newly formed 4th front ready to get their seats and count on the biggies for their individual favours for the Government formation. Last time, their was a “Cash for Vote” scandal when the Left withdrew support and there was a No Confidence vote in the Parliament. Lets hope another edition comes out this summer. Meanwhile lets wait for the election results to come out for the Play that is about to begin after 16th!


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