Some old things came in mind, past week!

The way things shape up in the ‘fast’ and ‘ever’ growing life cycle, its difficult what you ate past monday, do you remember? where were you at that time, the way we feel our complexities in life, we are drawn more into it. the way things shape up, they make us happen that way. may be its the fate that carries us all, but thats not to limit the way in which we should stop trying anything useful and wait for luck to happen! That would be so stupid. Its like the dream of the potseller, who thought of buying a hen after his pots got sold, then the hens would lay eggs, then they multiply and after a few time period he would be a millionaire! Suddenly when he wakes up, he finds that in the process of waking up he has kicked the pottery and lost all his source of income! Stop Dreaming, Start working. Being a NCC Cadet for two long years, we had an annual training for the ATC ( Annual Training Camp) which would happen every year, and a few guys (20-25, that too according to their skill sets) would be chosen from a group of eighty! Our college has had a brilliant history of having the overall championship many a times. In this way, the new comers would have to try hard. We had a long running activity in the evening when our classmates would chill around the college, sometimes by even bunking the lectures. The training included, 25-26 rounds of the football ground, then after sprinting at the last round, we would have to take the route towards the top of a nearby hill where we would get a slip, of the rank we’re running at.finally we would chill for a few seconds, again to be ready for our parade practice! This would take almost 3-4 hours in the evenings. Our SUO (senior under officer) had once said, try hard this time and cherish these moments, beacuse I know very few of you guys would have the luck to do this again!!! we would laugh at him and he would laugh at us! The words are so very true, have you had a time to run again at any grounds again? a game of Cricket at weekends? Practice of an instrument ? a movie ? Actually, these things cme out to be the best stress busters! One more, my friends at the college hostel, where we would have some fun after the training, would grab our home made tiffins, just for the sake of having the taste of it, which they would miss for the entire year (sometimes). I am in that mood now. The taste of mummy made Spinach and cereal curry still rests on the taste buds ( a dish which I miss in Pune, made in Vidarbha, Khandesh Side!) also with some other dishes. BTW, thanks to WordPress, this being my first post through an email. Shekhar


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