towards another dictator!

Saw the “Rise of Evil”  based on Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a complex personality, however he succeeded in gaining popularity due to major support he gained from the oppressed people due to the loss of the first world war.

Any Democracy / Democratic country always fears the rise of such personalities as the basic thought behind it (for/by/of the people)  is eclipsed by these guys!

In the meanwhile, here the lone survivor of the 26/11 (11/26 US shtyle) Mohammed Ajmal aka Kasab is playing the war of words now in the Bombay High court, while the drama goes on for weeks/ months (err. years) , the survivors and the families who have lost their loved ones would suffer again and again remembering their loss, everytime his name being declared.

It was this face  of democracy, that was unwanted by Fuherer. In the film the Fuherer says, Democracy is like a thousand people fighting over a single issue and the decision waiting for a direction out of this mess. what a reality.

Atleast, this case should be taken and solved up fast to gain people’s faith. Mumbai elections happened last week and just above 40% was the voters turn out. What should be call this, the ultimate faith in democracy or the time has come for the Government to take some quick decisions?

Meanwhile, another one, Afzal Guru, is still waiting for his decision, last time we heard on it, was the decision was pending at the Honourable President’s office ( during the tenure of Pres.APJ Abdul Kalam) and still is pending!!! This has created a golden oppotuinity for the party in opposition (for the last term) in this elections, who have racked up this issue for the inability of UPA govt. to handle tactical issues correctly.

Agreed, that everybody should get justice, but nobody is ready to wait for a lifetime!!!!!!

Another issue is tackling terrorism from all the sides. In the top, we have Taliban and other terrorist groups, coming in from Afghanistan and PoK, ULFA and other separetist groups operating in North East, LTTE who is now on the depletion (had attacked on our PM. Late Rajiv Gandhi), and Bangladeshi refugees and Nepali Maoist’s.

What a better timing for all these things for coming  together?


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