Nanonomics (Tata nano economics) goes ahead as planned?

(my previous post on Tata Nano’s economics  here)

Tata Nano bookings have been (exceeded) Ratan Tata’s expectations. as per the recent reports, a great deal of money was spent in booking amounting to 25 Billion Rs. / 510 M$ / 340 GBP !!! Astounding figrues !!! Ratan Tata and team deserves praise for garnering such a huge amount of money in such a less time. (report here)

But, the thing is they have captured the economy “correctly” as per people’s mind and guaranteed them “small is better!”

Now, during the year Tata’s share has also gained almost a 50-55% rise. Trading started @ Rs. 170+ on Jan 1, now is at 265+ with an Interday gain of 25 Rs. what a fortune!

All this happens, not to be confused, with the acquisitions of good brands, but with the induction of a small car in their brigade. Interesting to note from BBC article, 9 of 1000 Indians have a car!

About the car and its features, time will decide. But in cities, the traffic congestion issue is still to be solved and the public transport system is like always, on a declining mode.

We are getting pretty promises from the politicians always, (while now its a time for election, they were on sudden rise – like skybus and metro projects worth thousands of crores), nobody still wants to put their hands into infrastructure for future projects. Just like digging a well, while the thirst begins, these projects (& promises) come and go, and voters are “fooled“.

In a way, the public / state transport people would be thankful to RTata, for decresing their burden for a period of time, till our messy guys get a solution for above.

The second such promise is resting in BJP’s manifesto, where they promise to bring a mobile for every citizen. Airtel’s ad had said, they have reached upto 5 crore people (50 Million) just 5% and 95% still remains. The consumers are facing network problems ( for all networks) with still a lower percentage, what if a sudden 800% rise in mobile network traffic would do?

May be the companies will gain of the above promise? will they / won’t they, let voters decide.


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  1. Good for them…

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