Bheemroopi and Hanuman Chalisa

In 16th Century, when Samartha Ramdas would have visited India, he would come across the Hanuman Chalisa composed by Sant Tulsidas. Both being followers of Rama, had admiration of Hanuman.

It is amazing to know Samartha had 1100+ math’s during that period, spread across the region. He unified the Bhakti and the Karma yoga, by guiding disciples to follow Rama (be a Ramdas– follower of Ram ) and also, be physically sound, again like Hanumana.

In this terms, He created a composition like Hanuman Chalisa, which would be recited daily(atleast once in the evng) and must have created the Bheemroopi, for both the purposes!

The another must have been to :- penetrate the thoughts deep into the culture, which prevail for centuries, passing on generation to generation. One of His best creation has thus been there for centuries is the everyday Aarti in Maharashtra!!!


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