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O Lord, you are meditating yourself on Lord Rama. hence the points of meditation are glowing like Gold (Its the highest level – colour).
It starts from puccha – the tail (from here the Kundalini – or the bottom of the Divine Spirit rests in us) and has reached the highest level of chakras called the Sahasrar chakra (a Lotus with a thousand petals). O Lord, so blessed are you, that the Divine bells are ringing your ears in which you have embedded gold ornaments! (A follower (sadhak) hears Divine sounds (called as Anahat naad) after a certain period in his meditation, smells Divine fragrances, although he is unable to know if some Divine Saint (who likes that fragrance) has passed by blessing him.

pucchate muraDile maTha kiriti kunDale bari
Suvaran katikasoti ghanta kinkini naagara ||


O Lord, you are as strong as a mountain and as fast a thunderbolt! You can gain any shape and skill as desired by you, so are your powers! (siddhis)

Thakaare parvata aisa netka saDpathDu
Chaplang pahata mothe mahavidduletepari ||

O Lord, your speed allows you to cross any lengths upwards (north), your strength is so much, that you can move mountains.

koTicha koTi uDDane zepave uttarekaDe
mandradrisarikha Dronu krodhe utpaTila bale ||

O Lord, the way you took the mountains from Himalayas to Lanka and back was great, it took the observers in awe. You had crossed the speed of the Heart (-feelings, by this, it is said, that Indians had measured the speed of Light and thought that only the thoughts/ feeling in Hearts can defeat it, for ex. consider yourself in the Deserts for a sec & in the cold atmosphere of the Himalayas, you are at both the places in a sec, which defeats the speed of Light). O Lord, so is your speed that you overtake the speed of thoughts that appear in our minds.

(The follower in meditation crosses the boundaries set by his body, he can be on the earth for a second, on Mars the other and on Saturn the next. All the physical rules of gravity apply to the body and not to the Spirit.)

aaNila maguti nela aala gela manogati
manashi Taakile maage gatisi tulNa nase ||

O Lord, you are Universal, ranging from Micro – an Atom (which was known to Indians before Physicits in the West exist!) to the Macro- Universe. You are here, there and everywhere.  You are so huge that many monstrous mountains would bow to you.

It again discusses the example of “sarvam khalu eda brahma”, the one-ness in all beings. It was also depicted as a quality if Hanuman to change His form from Small to Huge, as per the situation required ( a siddhi).

aNupasoni brahmanDa yevDha hot jaatase
tayasi tulna kothe merumaandar dhakuTe ||
O Lord, you can travel over all the Universe with a lightning speed (discussed above) and are Unique amongst all in the Universe!

brahmanDabhovate veDhe vajrapuche ghalu shake
tayashi tuLNa kaichi brahamanDi pahta nase ||
O Supreme Lord, you proved your bhakti (devotional) level at the first instance of meditation conquering the Supreme position and got to saw the Sun (this instance occurs when a follower is concentrating on the Adnya chakra) and grew into power, conquering the topmost level.

{Indra, the god, refers here to the Organs (Indriya) and He made you paralysed into the thoughts of being one other than the Supreme Self (jadatwa-bhaw), not to get into the Supreme level at that age! }

aarakt dekhile Dola grasile surya manDala
vaaDhta vaaDhta vaaDhe bhedile shunya manDala ||

[These lines are not in the Bheemroopi written By Samartha Ramdas.

Dhanydhanya pashuvruadhi putrpoutrya samgrahi
Paavati rupvidhyadhi shtotre paathe karuniya ||

O Lord, Let the ill-feel- creating spirits, dampen by reciting this stotra. The tensions be eclipsed by reading this stotra and remembering your prowess.

bhoot pret samandh-adi rog vyadhi samsastahi
naasti tuTati chinta anande Bheemdarshane ||


O followers of Lord Hanuman, take this stotra and feel blessed. May you acquire a good physique and balanced intellect which grows as per the moon .

he dhara pandhra shloki labhali shobhali bari
Drhudhdeho nisandheho sankhya chandrkala guNe||

O Lord, the first amongst Lord Rama’s followers, lead us to the Divine Self, seeing whom, all our sins will perish.
(The follower would be out of the Karya-karan bhav and attain the Divine level)

raamdaasi agragaNyu kapikulashi mandanu
ramroopi antar-atma darshane dosh naasati||
This end the Bheemroopi stotra written by (Saint) Ramdas.

Iti shriramdas kritam sankatnirsan marutistotram sampurnam


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  1. Abhijeet says:

    Impressed by your work. Was looking for this translation for a long time. and finally found it here.

    1. shekharonline says:

      thanks for dropping your comments.

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