the evolved meaning of Bheemroopi stotra.



Samartha Ramdas was a great Saint, and a great poet too! His works have inspired many and will continue to inspire many. His writings have utmost importance in historical as well as present day followers of Lord Shree Ram and Lord Shree Hanuman. Following article is a take on his written Bheemroopi Stotra, which praises Lord Hanuman.


The evolved meaning of Bheemroopi stotra, when tried reciting again and again (in silence!)

the following meaning emerged as I heard self recite Bheemroopi stotra.
It defines the state of the Self as a Bheemkay Hanuman or a symbol of the vast things such as the universe which has lost its feeling of being one with the Lord.

Here we go!

The Lord has created a Universe which is huge (bheemroppi) with tremendous energy of His own (maha-rudra), and energy flows like a Vajra ( Indra’s weapon) through it and in the form of air we breathe -thru it. O son of Anjani, you are the best when u are praising Lord Rama and singing in his glory (bhajans).

bheemroopi maharudra vajra Hanumaan maaruti
vanari anjanisoota Ramdoota prabhanjana||
O the Supreme powered Lord, may u arise all from this deep sea of Ignorence and take to the path of prosperity and take way all the sorrows, o you follower of Vishnu.

mahabali praandata sakaLa uthavi bale
saukhyakaari shokaharta dhoorta vaishNavgayaka||



O you helper of the downtrodden, beautiful soul, the omniscient, are present in the glow of Orange.
(this defines the way of colour patterns which meditation followers observe while they practice)

dinanatha hariroopa sundara jagandantara
pataLa devatahanta bhavyashendur lepana ||



O caring lord (for people, the solar system, the soul ), the oldest of all,  you are the  purest of all beings and make your followers the same.

loknatha jagannatha praNaatha puratana
puNyavanta punyashiLa pavana paritoShka ||

You took the flag of Light with such a vigour, that the flames of time and their gods also feared of you.
(meaning :- the followers should bear this always in mind, time would wait for them to succeed)

dhwajange uchali baho aaveshe lotla puDhe
kalagni kalrudragni dekhta kaapati bhaye ||


In your churning movements O Lord, the whole universe got caught.
The fierceness of flames (of fire) from your eyes, seem ubearable.

This resembles the Vishwaroopdarshan, Lord Vishnu gave to Arjuna, while He was describing Bhagwad Geeta.
brahmaande maili neNo aawale dantapangati
netraagni chalilya jwaLa bhrukuti tahilya bale ||



to be continued…..

Note :- It being a personal level experience, I do not claim it to be imposed on all. Personal views on the take may differ.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Prashant Kulkarni says:

    Shekhar, This is amazingly written!!!

    Go ahead and complete it!

    May Lord Hanuman Enlighten all the real meanings of this stotra in your conscious!!!

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