a sea of inactivity

the present days scenario isn’t much refreshing and to self-amusement, I find it difficult to catch up with daily-routine-life. it’s like repeating the same set of things again and again, even without thinking about them, its like being in a box and playing around in the same set of planes thinking that they are different! but sorry, they are same, tipid and resemble each other. these thoughts worry me the most. Of the lives we live, we keep on repeating the same things and sometimes, errors committed again n again and forget to learn from them.

The way in which new things appear in life, take the place of something old, resurrect our personalities, which were in dark for quite sometime and then enrich us. But these things don’t happen on a daily basis. they keep you waiting for them to arrive. they arrive at a right time, and at the right place they think, but not us.

a thought says, when we have teeth, we don’t have nuts and when we have nuts, the teeth have fallen already. Maybe this shows the essence of luck in life, may be this predicts the role of life with/out luck!!!

may be i shouldn’t take it granted for changes to happen on their own, or may be yes! but then, an empty mind is devil’s workshop!


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